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Early Registration is over, but you can still get your convention tickets at the door
Single Registration: $25.00
Couple Registration: $40.00
Family Registration: $60.00 *Does not include tenn track
Teen Registration: $20.00
Parent Registration to Teen convention: $10.00

Convention News

Friday Exhibitor Session 23A (1:45PM) - Classical Conversations
What makes Us Different? The Classical Conversation Methodology
Too Often people assume that Classical education consists only of Latin, a History rotation, and ancient literature. Come find out what makes Classical Conversations so different, and so extraordinary!

What People are saying...

Although I have attended this particular show for many years – both as a homeschooling parent and as an exhibitor – I have to admit that this year’s event was the most streamlined and enjoyable. Everywhere there was a buzz of excitement as parents and teachers discovered new ways to tap into their child’s learning potential, address the special needs of students, and embrace a whole-child approach to education.
The dates have already been set for next year’s conference (April 10-12, 2014), and my pre-registration form is ready to go! See you there!